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Oxhey Village Environment Group Newsletter

Oxhey Village Environment Group (OVEG) does amazing things for our community: they are responsible for keeping a close eye on planning applications, not to mention the village fayre, the village picnic, Christmas carols on the green and Oxfest. My piece on how to survive Christmas was published in their quarterly magazine in December.  

Stay Cool this Christmas with Festive Stress Busters

Easy things you can do to give yourself a little piece of peace this Christmas.   Christmas can be a stressful time and this year even more so, the challenges of employment along with worry about our future made 77% of respondents in a festive survey say they were planning to spend less on Christmas this year than in 2012.   Women seem to carry the most of the burden to find the right presents, manage difficult relations and the inevitable tensions that arise when families get together. It’s not just the presents, how about fitting in the carol services, hospitality and parties all accomplished looking beautiful in the perfect ...

Manage Your Stress

If it's all getting too much for you; muddled thoughts, irrational ideas and an inability to concentrate may mean you are overwhelmed. Listen to this audio blog with ideas on how to manage your stress better this Christmas. If you find this post useful, please share it using the handy buttons below and leave a comment to let me know what you think.