Mentoring & Medicine Circles

It can be tough for sensitive women to match our inner needs with the insistent demands of everyday life and it’s easy to dismiss our longings as too ‘high maintenance’ or unrealistic. But if we ignore our self-care and our soul crying out for nourishment we end up overwhelmed, frazzled and ultimately, unwell.



Mentoring will give you a space to explore what you need and how you can come home to yourself, whatever this means for you; more softness, more kindness, better health, more ease in your relationships perhaps too.

I use Medicine Circles as a fabulous tool for you to access your way forward, interspaced with sessions for you to reflect on how their healing is unfolding in your life.




What is a Medicine Circle?

Medicine Circles are an embodied, energy medicine process that allows you to safely look beneath the surface at the patterns that direct you. Akin to a Shamanic journey, you’ll find new ‘soul medicine’ that can be grounded into your everyday self-care.

If you:

  • Have had some experience of alternative medicine
  • Can identify as a sensitive women
  • Feel fed up with the lack of authenticity in the world
  • Want to reduce the overwhelm you feel and make your life more joyful
  • Hate being ‘therapied’ and want to access your own wisdom

Then this new process is worth checking out. 

I use Medicine Circles as an embodied visualisation, as a movement practice and also with groups at Woman Kind and in corporate workshops. My primary goal is that you feel safe and relaxed so you can access your own wisdom.


“Kate had been a total menopausal inspirational Goddess for me. We’ve worked together for a while and it’s really helped me to navigate my menopause transition in a more wholesome & conscious way. I’ve watched her blossom into a menopausal maven & she completely inspired me to take my own menopause sabbatical ~ the best thing I’ve ever done. It’s allowed me to refind myself & reassess my work and how I’ll be taking that forward. The Menopause can be messy, dirty & leave you feeling in complete overwhelm ~ having Kate journeying alongside is REAL medicine for your womb.”

– Andrea Clarke


The Circles have grown from the workshops and 1-2-1 sessions over the years at Red School and you can find a full list of facilitators here.

I offer free consults to see if this might be useful for you.


Who can benefit?

The Medicine Circles are helpful for menstruating and menopausal women who want to deepen their understanding of the inner seasons in their lives and use this understanding to heal and deepen their joy. You do not have to be having a cycle to benefit.

Women come with questions about:

And many other issues. 


“I would describe an MMC session as being an experience of meeting the very deepest essence of your menstrual cycle which lies underneath all the busyness of your everyday mind and its worries etc. There you discover how loving and gentle each part of your cycle is and how much wisdom it longs to share with you. You realise how much it’s on your side. I have always been surprised (in a good way) by every session as I could never have predicted what would show up. My overall and lasting impression is that the cycle loves us and wants to heal and guide us in all areas of our lives.”

– Cat


What are the benefits?

Facilitating the process helps to restore your natural energy flow and create a feeling of wholeness. Medicine Circles allow you to discover where you are blocked and what steps you can take to move forward.

In the days and weeks after your session, you’ll see subtle shifts in your awareness and behaviour as the healing effect of the cycle emerges in your life. Rather like constellation work, you’ll often find changes happening all by themselves in your life, though any kind of mindful practice will support your process. 


Where do they happen?

Sessions can be online on Zoom or in person in Watford. You can read more about Medicine Circles, book a session or read what women say about them, or if you’re not sure, book a free discovery session

You can find out about the next Woman Kind event here, or my corporate talks and workshops here.