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Why I’m not a massage therapist

You’ll have noticed that the word ‘massage’ is no longer visible on my site or online. People, I am no longer a massage therapist. Don’t freak out, I’m not re-training as an accountant, it’s more that what I actually do no longer fits the description ‘massage’.   Massage implies someone doing detached stroking, making everything better, easing away reality. It’s a nice lady, (usually, but not always a lady) sorting you out.   I am not a nice lady I think perhaps I always wanted to be that nice lady, but I am not. For years I felt that massage would make my offering acceptable somehow and I built my practice under ...

Gerda Boyesen Article in Massage World

I have always been very lucky with my teachers and it was an enormous privilege to have been taught Biodynamic massage and psychotherapy by Gerda Boyesen at the Boyesen Institute in Acton.  It is tough for visionary women to achieve their goals, whatever field they work in and the world of psychotherapy is no different. She pioneered mind - body and energy work in the 1960's and 70's and yet comparatively few people know about her influence now, so it was a great project for me to write about Gerda  for Massage World Magazine. You can read the article as a download by pressing the button below.