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Biodynamic Therapy Research

"I had this great Biodynamic massage" "Which massage is that? Bio- what?" "You know, that's the one with the stethoscope!" The USP for Biodynamic therapy work is that we listen to the peristalsis in the gut with a stethoscope, but why? What sense or use can we make of it? Some fascinating research reveals how Biodynamic therapists think about and use the sounds from the gut. I have asked the man behind the therapy research, Theo Raymond, all about it.     Hi Theo, You’ve done some fascinating research on how Biodynamic therapists use the sound of peristalsis in their work. Can you say a bit about your different work and how the ...

Tummy Rumbling

Find out why Biodynamic massage therapists love to hear your tummy rumbling and what that strange machine is for. If you like this video, please spread the word and share it with your friends and communities using the buttons below.

Love your belly!

Biodynamic massage therapy is one place where the rumbling of your tummy is really precious. We love it! Our bellies have so much to tell us: •    Butterflies in our stomachs speak of anxiety before a performance •    Explosive sounds can be an imminent release! •    That sinking feeling feels like dread •    Fullness can feel like satisfaction It’s a language that’s so integral to our sense of ourselves that it’s practically un-noticeable.     In our language too there’s lots of tummy related phrases too - •    Trust your gut reactions •    I couldn’t stomach it •    It made ...

Ultimate relaxation

Paying good attention to my internal world is something I could always do more of so I will be getting some relaxation this afternoon with my stethoscope. Sounds unconventional? Well let me explain; the unique contribution that Gerda Boyesen made to the world was to develop the theory of  psycho-peristalsis. Our bodies digest not only food, but also emotional nourishment. As we take in the external world there is a process of internal sorting; does this help me? Can I spit it out? Does it stick in my throat? Do I have to just swallow it down?  Can I let it go? Our language is rich with this kind of imagery. When I work with clients using Biodyn...

All About Biodynamic Massage

Find out about Biodynamic Massage and how it can help to release long-held stress and let you feel a profound sense of relaxation. To find out more about how Biodynamic theory can support you, have a look at Intuitive Bodywork.