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Is it safe to have a massage after the birth?

When you're pregnant the world around you softly bends to look after you and your babies well-being. You can get a seat in first class on the way to work and nourishing morsels of food arrive like magic. All this changes after the birth when the attention goes to your baby, and this is quite right, and yet it's so easy for your needs to get completely forgotten. Mums need as much care after the birth of their babies as when they’re pregnant. It’s so easy to forget about looking after yourself in the rush to organise a christening, having family visiting and all the demands that being a new mum brings.   It’s not widely understood that ...

A-Z of Massage – Rebozo Massage

Rebozo techniques are not just for pregnancy and birth, everyone can benefit. Find out more in this week's A-Z of Massage on Welldoing.org

Recovery After Birth

A great guest blog this week from Elise of YOU Massage Therapy in Southampton on recovery after birth.     There’s quite a bit of information around about massage during pregnancy – after all, while your body is morphing and changing, relief and comfort are vital to keep you sane.  But what about after your baby’s born?  What about the changes no one talks about – the morphing and shaping of your body into something you’ve never seen before and might not have expected?  Can massage be any use then? The short answer is yes. Definitely! Massage for post-pregnancy recovery   Talking about post-pregnancy body ...