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Medicine Circles for pregnancy and birth

I talk to menstrual educator Tessa Sanderson about how Medicine Circles can be used beautifully with those who are currently not cycling, including pregnant women. We explore: What is a medicine circle? How this works with pregnant womenDo you need to have done cycle awareness before pregnancy? Tessa has written widely about the relationship between cycle awareness and birth and you can read more articles here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TVZ8mI7qBbw If you'd like to read more about Medicine Circles for menopause, or medicine circles in general, there's loads more good stuff on my site.

Free Menopause Help

It's a tricky business finding help when you're feeling vulnerable, especially in menopause so if you're wondering about what you can do, or having a Medicine Circle, you can book a chat with me at no charge and get yourself some free space to talk stuff through and ask questions. There's space to share what's happening, to be witnessed and heard and I can feedback and offer suggestions if you'd like that. Half an hour for you to explore what you need in your life right now. Schedule Appointment

Kate’s Qualifications

Menstrual Medicine Circle facilitator 2018 Women's Quest Leadership Apprenticeship 2016 Womb Yoga Teacher Training 2014 Certificate in Fertility Massage 2014 Certificate in Abdominal-Sacral massage 2013 Certificate in Pregnancy Massage with credit, from Wellmother 2008 Certificate in Body Psychotherapy, Chiron Centre 2000 Certificate in Biodynamic Psychotherapy and Massage, Gerda Boyesen School 1997 Certificate in On-site massage training 1994 Reiki Usui system second degree 1994 ITEC diploma in holistic massage 1993 Reiki Usui system first degree 1992 BA hons in fashion 1988 I am happy to show the certificates and answer any questions ...