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Self-help for Challenging Times

These are difficult times for all of us as we face every aspect of our lives with uncertainty. Bloody difficult. Naturally, we're all feeling the stressed out and powerless (hence the loo roll madness) and this will impact on our immune system at exactly the time we need to be in robust health. We need to find healthy ways to soothe ourselves especially when our hormones are shifting in menopause, a naturally more vulnerable time. As a highly sensitive person, I am familiar with over-stimulation and carrying generalised anxiety in my body and I am VERY good at self-soothing, it's become habitual for me. So while things are tough, I'd like to ...

Is Massage Safe in the First Trimester?

If you go to a beauty salon or Spa and book a massage, they will always ask if you are pregnant and in most cases will refuse to give you a massage except where they have specially trained therapists. But does this mean that massage is unsafe in the first trimester? Is there proof? In truth there has been no research into the safety of massage in the first trimester so we can’t prove it either way, but massage is akin to gentle exercise in that it improves circulation, oxygenates the blood and releases endorphins. As the NHS recommend that pregnant women stay as active as possible during their pregnancy, the implication is that it is both safe and ...

A-Z of Massage – what is Swedish Massage?

There are so many varieties of massage around with so many different descriptions, how do you know what you're going to get? Here's a straight forward explanation for anyone who's ever wondered "What is Swedish Massage"? This was published on the WellDoing.org blog on 16th September 2014

A-Z of Massage – Rebozo Massage

Rebozo techniques are not just for pregnancy and birth, everyone can benefit. Find out more in this week's A-Z of Massage on Welldoing.org

Managing Overwhelm with Head Massage

Find out how Biodynamic massage works with feelings of overwhelm and anxiety with an amazing head massage. If you have enjoyed this video, please share it with your friends using the social media buttons below.