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A-Z of Massage – Thai Massage

Here is the 20th and final piece in my A-Z of massage series! And what a treatment to finish on; Thai massage is like having a yoga slave and massage therapist all in one. If you're curious about how the blend of Indian and Chinese healing traditions are blended into a modern-day massage, you can read this article from WellDoing.org

A-Z of Massage – what is Swedish Massage?

There are so many varieties of massage around with so many different descriptions, how do you know what you're going to get? Here's a straight forward explanation for anyone who's ever wondered "What is Swedish Massage"? This was published on the WellDoing.org blog on 16th September 2014

A-Z of Massage – Hot Stone Massage

As the evenings get cooler and we long for summer to return, a hot stone massage is just the thing we need. Here's the low-down on hot stone from my A-Z of Massage series published in WellDoing.org

A-Z of Massage – Sports Massage

Sports massage no longer resembles the rub-down that Bobby Moore was familiar with; whether you have problems arising from a sporty activity or from sitting a computer, read on to find out how it can help. This article was written for welldoing.org and published on 2nd September 2014.  

A-Z of Massage – Rebozo Massage

Rebozo techniques are not just for pregnancy and birth, everyone can benefit. Find out more in this week's A-Z of Massage on Welldoing.org

What is Shiatsu? This week’s A-Z of Massage

This week's article shows you the amazing benefits of Shiatsu,. This ancient Japanese healing art can help a wide variety of ill health, check out the article below to find out what is Shiatsu at WellDoing.

A-Z of Massage – What happens in a pregnancy massage?

If there ever is a time that massage feels essential, it's pregnancy. Here's my article for WellDoing on what happens in a pregnancy massage.

A-Z of Massage Myofascial Release

Even if you don't recognise the name, you'll probably have experienced myofascial release as part of your regular massage. Check out my article below from WellDoing to find out the benefits.  

A-Z of Massage – Metamorphic Technique

In this week's A-Z of massage on WellDoing, we have left the world of physiological massage behind; if you are interested in transformational healing, Metamorphic Technique is for you.

A-Z of Massage Reflexology

If it's your foot massage that send you off into bliss, this is the one for you. Here's my article on reflexology from WellDoing