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Just Don’t Tell Me To Grow Roots

Reflections on grounding, first published in the Journal of the Biodynamic Massage Therapists Summer 2019 ISDN 1461-3743 How the vasomotoric cycle, the inner-seasons and the pelvis helped me to ground myself Bloody grounding. I’ve struggled with it all my life: falling over, shaky-kneed, over-excited, too much, too heady. I feel I am highly qualified to write about grounding because it’s not been an easy journey. Just the invitation to ground myself through my feet sends me off, shooting up to my head and ungrounding me.  Grounding is out of fashion Looking at mainstream culture, it seems that grounding is out of ...

Wild Power – the feminine path to power

Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo-Wurlitzer authors of 'Wild Power' and menstruality mavens at Red School are definitely wild. I was lucky enough to grab them before Graham Norton etc. booked them up so I could ask them about how menstruality became the biggest thing in their lives, how come periods are finally being talked about in public and what simple thing you can do today to access your own wild power. You can get hold of your copy here.