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Six Ways to Help Period Pain

Menstrual pain is no joke, 40 – 70% of women of reproductive age experience some kind of pain, with 10% of women describing severe symptoms. That’s a lot of regular women with hot water bottles. In fact, there is no need for us to experience pain, it is not healthy or necessary. 1. Menstrual cycle awareness You know about pre-menstrual grumps I bet. OK maybe not grumps but it used to be full-on raging in my case. “Will you please stop breathing like that!!!”  But what if I was to suggest that your energy and internal weather changed all through your cycle?   Noting down your feelings and energy each day of your cycle ...

A-Z of Massage – Sports Massage

Sports massage no longer resembles the rub-down that Bobby Moore was familiar with; whether you have problems arising from a sporty activity or from sitting a computer, read on to find out how it can help. This article was written for welldoing.org and published on 2nd September 2014.