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Why I’m not a massage therapist

You’ll have noticed that the word ‘massage’ is no longer visible on my site or online. People, I am no longer a massage therapist. Don’t freak out, I’m not re-training as an accountant, it’s more that what I actually do no longer fits the description ‘massage’.   Massage implies someone doing detached stroking, making everything better, easing away reality. It’s a nice lady, (usually, but not always a lady) sorting you out.   I am not a nice lady I think perhaps I always wanted to be that nice lady, but I am not. For years I felt that massage would make my offering acceptable somehow and I built my practice under ...

Mindful Massage

I am delighted that Massage World magazine has published my article 'Mindful Massage' in their spring edition. It's an exploration of how 'being' more and 'doing' less can create a more powerful massage treatment for the client, and greater ease for the therapist. If you're more interested in learning how Biodynamic cycles can inform your practice , it was published in Massage Magazine July 2014. You can read the article below.