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What Are Menstrual Medicine Circles And How Do They Help With Menopause?

Menstrual Medicine Circles for Menopause Menstrual Medicine Circles are a relatively new process so this will explain What they are Who they're for What the benefits are And why they're so damn empowering! Tessa Sanderson a fellow Menstrual Medicine Circle facilitator asks me all about it. You can learn more about Menstrual Medicine Circles or read how the circles have made a difference to these women's lives.

Kindness – Do You Know You’re Worth It?

I'm delighted that WellDoing.Org have published my article on Kindness. It is so hard for women, particularly mothers, to be kind to themselves. Click through to the article to find out the solutions that have worked for me.

How to Be Your Own Guru

Why is it hardest to be kind to ourselves?   I routinely hear women say “Take care” to each other as they say goodbye or, “You should put your feet up” or some such, but why is it that we so seldom actually do it?   We know we should take time out, but it somehow gets lost in the busyness of life; other demands just seems more important that our own.   So many of us have sky-high stress levels, with every moment of our lives crammed to bursting with activity and stimulation. The roles of wife/partner, mother, career woman, creatirix, goddess, friend, carer etc. (Add your own unique recipe here!) Don’t leave ...

Code Red Altert!

I am very excited to introduce a vibrant exponent of the power of women Lisa Lister of The Sassy She. Crowned ‘the defender of female awesomeness’ by Cooler magazine, Lisa is a writer, plus-size yoga teacher, feminist, menstrual queen and now a fellow belly loving massage maven. Her new book ‘Code Red’ is published this week and I was lucky enough to persuade her to tell us about her work and world-view. Welcome Lisa! I read that living life with your cycle totally changed your life; can you say a bit about how that happened? I was a total go-for-it girl. I worked in TV + journalism, I was career orientated, I was engaged to a ...