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Learning to love the luteal phase

The premenstruum is a notoriously tricky time but there are fabulous gifts to be found here and insights to learn. Co-creator of The Agenda. Period and coach Alyx Coble-Frakes asked me how to use the luteal phase aka inner-autumn to prepare for perimenopause, how to manage your inner critic, limit craziness and create more spaciousness at this time in your cycle. We also pondered on the current corona times and how this also has an autumnal feel. You can find out more about perimenopause here and get your copy of The Agenda. period here I managed to forget to talk about the gifts that the luteal/autumn phase brings: We refine our discernment ...

Why I’m not a massage therapist

You’ll have noticed that the word ‘massage’ is no longer visible on my site or online. People, I am no longer a massage therapist. Don’t freak out, I’m not re-training as an accountant, it’s more that what I actually do no longer fits the description ‘massage’.   Massage implies someone doing detached stroking, making everything better, easing away reality. It’s a nice lady, (usually, but not always a lady) sorting you out.   I am not a nice lady I think perhaps I always wanted to be that nice lady, but I am not. For years I felt that massage would make my offering acceptable somehow and I built my practice under ...

Rebozo Bodywork Testimonial

I am profoundly grateful to Rowena Ronson for writing this piece about her experience of receiving Rebozo bodywork. It is a great example of how creating safe boundaries allows the healing to emerge from within us. "I felt like I had been given a gift – a confirmation of my connection to source and earth and to the never-ending flow of life and time." You can find Rowena's article on the Double Take blog, the photo was taken by Rowena and is called Embryo.