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A-Z of Massage – what is Swedish Massage?

There are so many varieties of massage around with so many different descriptions, how do you know what you're going to get? Here's a straight forward explanation for anyone who's ever wondered "What is Swedish Massage"? This was published on the WellDoing.org blog on 16th September 2014

How to get more oxytocin

You probably know about Oxytocin and birth, but do you know how crucial is it for the rest of us? Taking a ride I was on the tube the other day watching an English sheepdog enjoying the ride. There was a sudden bang and the dog became anxious, the lady sitting next to the dog stroked it's head to reassure it, the dog calmed down. The lady began to smile, stroked some more, then the whole carriage started to smile, soften and breath a little deeper. That is the oxytocin effect. Cortisol addiction We seem to be addicted to cortisol in our lives; forward motion, busyness and activity are valued over stillness, quiet and being. This has a ...

Does Massage Reduce Blood Pressure?

I am not great at blowing my own trumpet, but I had some fabulous feedback from a client last week and I wanted to share it with you. She came for massage because she was creating strategies to manage stress in her life and she wanted to reduce blood pressure readings. As part of the assessment her GP had fitted her with a cuff to monitor her blood pressure, which she wore during the session. Here’s what she wrote in an email after her massage… 'I saw the doctor this morning and my BP did go down, it went sharply down to one of the lowest points of the whole 24 hours by 8pm! The only time it was lower was when I was asleep! I also lost 2 ...