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Welcome to my secret resources page where all the charts, massage instructions and meditations are stashed.

Just click on the title to download the goodies, if there’s a problem just get in touch. Feel free to return here to find resources that will support your growth and feed your soul, to make that easy, you might want to bookmark this page so you can return later.

Menopause – An Inside Job

Be the first to get your hands on the first chapter of the book.

Menstrual Cycle Chart

The daily practice of noting your flow and feelings is my favourite tool for self-acceptance.

Moon Chart

For anyone without a menstrual cycle, using a moon chart can key you in to the natural rhythm of life as well as building self-awareness and self-love.

Symbols for charting

A quick-reference guide with some emoji-style symbols for your charts, making it simple for you to note down how you feel.

Self-care abdominal massage instructions

Learn how to give yourself tender care; abdominal massage is great to build a relationship with your body as well as supporting fertility, menstrual and digestive health.

Soften your pelvic floor with Claire Murphy

A guided meditation from Claire Murphy to restore pelvic health.

Bump Massage Instructions

A written guide to massaging your bump from the second trimester onwards.

Audio instructions to massage your bump

An MP3 to teach you to massage your bump safely from the second trimester onwards.

Heart-Womb Meditation

A guided meditation to connect heart and womb, a great way to start to build a relationship with your femininity.

‘I am held’ Yoga Nidra

A soulful nidra for when you feel a little, or all, at sea.

Heart Womb and Baby Guided Meditation

A guided meditation using the breath to connect with your baby, perfect for stabilizing yourself in early pregnancy.

Energy of the Seasons Graphic

Infographic to show how energy moves and what self-care to use for the different seasons