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My Turquoise Waters by Shakti

This is part of the Pants of Empowerment project, where women share the voice of their feminine nature and in return, receive a fantastic pair of pants to empower them. All names have been changed. Who wants to speak? I think it’s my right fallopian tube.  I think there a sense of a whole open space; the womb, the vagina as well, but it’s more the right fallopian tube Ask her what she needs to say today She says, “You are love, and there’s a whole world of riches and resources here for you”. There are sparks like stars, I can tap into this and let these sparks rise, it’s like the stars in the sky. Let yourself sink into ...

Grow a Pair

These shorts are for a woman who is tired of being let down by men and has connected deeply to the power of her ovaries.