Womb Love

Do you feel disempowered or that experiences from the past are stopping you from moving forward?

And what about the feminine? Is there something about it that just makes you feel weird?


Womb Love is a unique practice that will bring you in touch with your womb, inviting healing for past sexual and emotional trauma and bring you into your power. Combining

you can relax and deeply let go, safely releasing what no longer serves you and embracing your essential nature. Is essence, bringing you home to yourself.

Womb Love is a bespoke tailored session that will give you a gentle practice to take away and use at home. Perfect for fertility, hormonal and menopausal issues as well as personal growth. Wondering what it’s like? Winter into Spring is a free audio of the Womb Love process which you can download and enjoy.


womb-love pink“The female pelvis is the powerhouse of transformation: the very throne of creation through which universal creative energy patterns course and flow”

Dr. Rosita Arvigo –


Womb Love can be experienced as part of Love your Belly workshops or as a 1-hour 1-2-1 session which can be booked here.




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