What is Biodynamic Massage?

4579292476People are always asking me, “What makes Biodynamic Massage different?” “What is Biodynamic massage?”

When I tell people about my massage work people always ask why Biodynamic massage is so special,  Clover Southwell’s description may help to show the difficulty I have in explaining what I do:

“Biodynamic therapy is about the dialogue between the conscious and the unconscious, the voluntary and the involuntary”

One way of having a dialogue between two different systems is to listen well; to the client’s words, her unspoken conversation (breath, colouring, gesture, body tensions) and with Biodynamic’s magic secret, her peristalsis. Listening to the unwinding of the emotional holding through the sound, opens the opportunity for a dialogue to happen.

The Biodynamic way is to let the body find its own balance and wisdom; while a shoulder muscle may be tight, there will probably be good reasons for that. Telling it that it ‘should’ let go can easily create another cycle of stress.

The dialogue is implied in the touch too: “what does this muscle (or tissue or bone or system) need right now?” With my touch I can invite, I can allow, I can wait and I can find out from the response what needs to happen. And that is different to most massage therapies.

The result is that as well as having less muscle tension and more profound relaxation, clients report they feel ‘more in touch with their needs’ or ‘deeply touched’.

I integrate Biodynamic massage into Intuitive Bodywork sessions and you can read more about that here.


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