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What is Abdominal Massage?

What is abdominal massage?  This slide show will give you comprehensive answers! It is an exploration of the - history and scope of belly work the benefits of abdominal massage what happens in a session why I am drawn to the work looking at if it's OK to touch bellies physiology of digestion ileocecal valve colon conditions of the colon and ileocecal valve emotion and meaning of the colon, ICV and small intestine It is a presentation I gave to the Association of Biodynamic Massage Therapists in March 2014. If you know people who are interested in their digestive health, please share!  

All About Biodynamic Massage

Find out about Biodynamic Massage and how it can help to release long-held stress and let you feel a profound sense of relaxation. To find out more about how Biodynamic theory can support you, have a look at Intuitive Bodywork.