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Period problem now “much more comfortable”

This lady came to see me because of her period problem, the week before she was due on she was really struggling to cope. We just had a few sessions together but the massage made a massive difference. This is what she said - "I wanted to let you know that after the treatment I had from you, the pre-period build up has been much more comfortable.  I still get a little bit of discomfort but it is incomparable to what I was going through.  So a BIG MASSIVE THANK YOU!!!! Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx" D.D. of Bushey

Abdominal massage improved health and energy levels after one session

Here's a great piece of feedback from Jen Tiller, the founder of Healerzone. I saw her for one treatment and as you can see she says abdominal massage  improved her health and energy levels.

Abdominal massage reduces period pains

Here's some feedback from a client which shows that abdominal massage reduces period pains.   “Before I had abdominal massages with Kate, I used to have five and a half days of abdominal and back pain, bent over double. Now I have discomfort on my heaviest day. I am also more connected to my abdomen” Helen O’Sullivan, Homeopath, October 2014