Shiatsu Extraordinary Vessels

The Extraordinary Vessels relate to our connection with who we are and why we are here, our reproductive and sexual energy how we adapt to our environment and the unfolding cycles of our lives.


The 8 vessels distribute our source kidney energy and supply the other meridians. While many practitioners are familiar with the conception and governing vessels running along the midline, the other extraordinary vessels are in less common usage.  Because they hold connection with deep, constitutional patterning, they are great for transitional times like menopause, menstrual and fertility issues as well as other core life issues.


There are various ways of working with the extraordinary vessels, holding points, working with the energy of the organs, palming and off-body work. In general the touch is slower and more intentional than other shiatsu.


I use shiatsu with most sessions because of the profound effects and because it integrates very nicely with my other skills.


I first encountered the extraordinary vessels when training in maternity care with Suzanne Yates at Well Mother and I continue to deepen my understanding of this fascinating work through residentials and CPD.


Shiatsu is integrated into Intuitive Bodywork along with Biodynamic Massage and Abdominal Massage.