Massage your way to hormonal health

self care videoWould you like to manage your monthly cycle with poise? Do you dream of  a life where you can cope with challenges even when your period is due? This exclusive video will show you an easy massage routine that can dramatically change your hormonal health for the better. Massaging your belly for five minutes a day, just before you go to bed can have an amazing impact on –

  • PMT
  • period pains
  • heavy bleeding
  • hot flushes
  • irregular bleeds
  • bloating
  • emotional issues connected with your belly and uterus
  • digestive issues and IBS

Regular massage can also benefit women who are interested in maximising their reproductive health before conception, or when preparing to embark on assisted conception because it helps your reproductive system come back into balance. Getting to know and care for your body in this way brings amazing benefits, for example many women learn to flow with their cycle instead of fighting it. You can find out more about how abdominal massage works here.

manage your cycle


If you have any concerns do get in touch and I’ll be happy to advise you. Meanwhile enjoy your belly!


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