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“After 2 miscarriages I decided it was time to give my womb some much need love and attention so I booked myself onto Love your Belly workshop with Kate and Leora. What a wonderfully nurturing day! I learnt about my cycle and top tips on how to work with it rather than against it. I thoroughly enjoyed learning the massage and yoga moves and it was beautifully topped off with a womb blessing. A couple of months later I was lucky enough to find myself pregnant again and have just enjoyed a much needed pregnancy massage from Kate. As soon as I stepped into her massage room I started to feel more relaxed and by the end of my treatment I had drifted off to sleep. I recommend her to everyone I know and am sure I will be back for more.”

Sarra Moore March 2017


“I first started seeing Kate for biodynamic massage several months ago. Since then, I have seen her weekly, with the aim of letting go of a lifetime of sadness, distress and tension that had built up within me.

 I can honestly say that I have never met anyone like Kate before. She radiates warmth, acceptance and compassion, as well as professionalism and empathy. She has enabled me to accept myself completely, banish all self-judgement, let go of the feelings that no longer serve me well, and relish my existence and place in this world. Kate is not only extremely talented at her job, but endearing and entirely unique. Meeting Kate has changed my life, and I hope that many more people are fortunate enough to experience time with her.”

Emily November 2015


“I have been receiving biodynamic massage from Kate for two years to complement my treatment for PTSD and anxiety.  With her sensitive approach Kate has provided a safe space where I have learned to safely tune in to my body again and let go. 

I always leave with a powerful sense of calm which I can continue to tune into as I navigate the ups and downs of life between my sessions.”

C from Chalfont January 2016


“This whole approach with your massage so helped in more ways than you will ever know. You truly are a gifted and talented person- never forget how much you help people

Really Kate, you and your massage will be part of my really fond memories of being pregnant, And also realising how much I would benefit from coming again now post natally. (When can I come please!!)”

Andi Huntley


“Before I had abdominal massages with Kate, I used to have five and a half days of abdominal and back pain, bent over double. Now I have discomfort on my heaviest day. I am also more connected to my abdomen”

Helen O’Sullivan October 2014


“Dear Kate, I saw my Mum on yesterday having had one of your lovely massages the day before.  She said how well I was looking (ie considering how unwell I had looked earlier in the week).  Thank you so much for “reconfiguring” my energy levels so successfully, I’ve actually got some now!  Debs.”

Deborah Phethean


“Thank you so much for yesterday Kate. I am still feeling chilled and held. You are lovely and have a fabulous energy about you – grounded, caring, calm and safe.”

Rowena Ronson, Bushey


“Kate brings such a warm and spacious presence to her work. She has a masterful capacity to hold a process and I highly recommend her service.”

Tui Pankhania, Edgware


“Through my work as a practitioner of Chinese Medicine and my own experience of ageing I have come to realise that movement is very necessary for life. Kate facilitates this movement of energy wonderfully on levels both physical and emotional. Her approach is quietly confident and she creates a safe, warm and relaxing atmosphere which promotes this healing energy. I am very pleased and grateful for the results of my sessions with Kate and I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Betsy Gibson


I saw the doctor this morning and my BP did go down, it went sharply down to one of the lowest points of the whole 24 hours by 8pm!  The only time it was lower was when I was asleep!  I also lost 2 lb, whether that is linked or not who knows!’

Liz Hannaby 27.3.13



“Your support, amazing massage and listening  has made such an impact on my pregnancy experience. 

 Thank you for always believing in me – I have really felt that from you and it too helps as you reinforce my belief in myself which at times is hard to hold onto.  You are truly a special person who is just right in what you do. “

Andi Huntley


“I started seeing Kate when I was trying to conceive and have been going to see her every two weeks since. I’m now 38 weeks pregnant and the massages have been really helpful for me, they have helped teach me to relax and get in tune with my body. The ‘me’ time they have given me has also been invaluable. I’m looking forward to continuing going to see Kate once my baby has arrived. I’d recommend her to anyone pregnant or trying to conceive.”

Cat Hopkinson


“I met Kate for the first time this evening and wow what a massage. Kate is very professional and listened to my needs and I managed to releax completely. I cannot wait to go back for another session.”

Carla Bispham



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