Intuitive Bodywork

Embodiment is empowerment

I hold space for sensitive, soulful women to find your way to healing and wholeness, to come home to yourself.

I am not seeing new Bodywork clients at present.

What is Intuitive Bodywork?

Intuitive Bodywork is the integration of Biodynamic, Fertility Massage, Abdominal-Sacral massage and Shiatsu bodywork. I have integrated my experiences both as therapist and client to come to a place where I can pay attention to your system and listen to what is needed for your energy to flow. If you’re curious to understand more about these therapies, you can follow these links:

Biodynamic massage

Fertility and Abdominal-Sacral massage


After a quarter of a century of doing this work, I find I’ve integrated so much, calling myself a massage therapist gave women the wrong expectations for their sessions, so Intuitive Bodywork seems a better fit.

It’s not my plan to fix your ‘problems’ (though sometimes the ‘problems’ get fixed along the way) instead Intuitive Bodywork is a co-created space where you are invited to feel more of yourself, own more of yourself and love more of yourself.

Who is it for?

You are a highly sensitive woman who’s been on the road to consciousness for some time. You’ll be in transition in some way, maybe menopausal, or at a critical point in your growth or on your fertility journey.

You’re looking for bodywork that will help you to use your exquisite sensitivity to find a way forward rather than be overwhelmed with ‘solutions’, so you can enhance your self-care and access your own authority to see the way forward.

You’re looking for someone to hold space and be a companion along the way rather than someone to ‘fix’ you, even though part of you desperately wants to be fixed!

Bodywork can also enhance your healing when you’re in therapy or counselling, learn more about that here.

What I actually do in a session

In a session, there’s more ‘being’ than ‘doing’, here’s what is actually going on:

I Show up

Bringing all of myself present gives you permission to do the same and maintaining high awareness of my own feelings and process means I can take better care of my boundaries.

Hang out

By staying with the conflicts and holding as they show up for you, rather than trying to change them, you can hang out and accept more of who you are. This is the ‘paradoxical theory of change’ in action; the Paradoxical Theory of Change arises from Gestalt theory, and states that “change occurs when one becomes what she is, not when she tries to become what she is not”. i.e. the more you try to change the more you stay the same. Isn’t that a bummer??

Stay curious

Holding an attitude of friendly curiosity invites your energy to move where it needs to on its own agenda, and staying open and alert to the possibility of the healing process allows it to happen in its own way and in its own time.

What does Intuitive Bodywork do?

Intuitive Bodywork meets you where you are and helps you to deepen your body awareness and allow your energy to find its own natural path.

It’s become a cliché to say that “the healing comes from within” but this is my experience, that the greatest most profound and long-lasting healing comes from the shifts we are able to naturally take ourselves without force. When this happens in myself or in my clients, it just knocks my socks off; it’s amazing the magic that can happen.

Connected with yourself, you can follow the threads of your process and come home. You can feel your authority and capacity to own your feelings, without getting overwhelmed and effortlessly build self-care into your life to support your well-being.

What a session might look like

A clear intention really helps to focus our time, so we start by refining what you’d like to focus on. Part of this is to take a moment for you to scan through your body to feel how you are.

Intuitive Bodywork is an inquiry; I hold a respectful space to ask your system “What needs to happen here?” Mostly the touch is slower and more gentle than in general bodywork, but with the power of intention the touch will feel contactful and connected.

The Bodywork can take place clothed or in your underwear. You get to decide and make decisions based on how you feel able to relax. I have every size of cushions, bolsters, blocks and blankets to accommodate you and two kinds of massage wax. The touch can be with or without wax.

Depending on your intention, there may be some verbal exploration or not, you might move or stay still, the touch may be on or off the body.

Sometimes, where we’ve talked about it first, I can take you on an internal exploration of how your body wants to speak, an embodied meditative process.

I also sometimes use guided visualisations to open up possibilities for healing. Often these become part of everyday self-care, a resource that you can own for yourself.


I use a stethoscope so we can listen to your peristalsis. The music of your emotional digestion lets us assess this magic internal world and guides/reflects the process.

I allow time at the end of the session for you to integrate the shifts you’ve experienced (so important for us sensitives!)

Before you go we reflect on your experience in relation to your intention and how you can ground this in your daily life and self-care practices.

How much and how long?

Your initial session is 90 minutes and costs £90

Subsequent sessions are 75 minutes and cost £75

I am not seeing new clients for Bodywork.

I offer a sliding scale and am happy to discuss a lower rate after the first session. There are a limited number of lower cost places available at my discretion.