Build Your Core heat with a Haramaki!

haramakiI have been keeping warm this year with the help of a hara warmer donated by the nice people at Nuku Nuku. Known as a haramaki, this brilliant invention is a tube of jersey which encloses the body from navel to thigh and actually feels like an all day hug.

It’s a thin layer of clothing that you can wear under or over your clothes, and when I put it on I had that wonderful melting relaxation feeling you get when you’re enfolded into someone’s arms. Ahhh.

Now, I am tall and chilly and often have a drafty gap between my jeans and t-shirt and this perfectly fits the bill as a draft excluder. AND it encases my muffin tops if you know what I mean.

I also wear it over the top of my yoga clothes so I don’t have to meet my belly in quite the same way when I am doing inversions.

Hara Warmers are great for pregnancy when you can use them to fill in the gap your bump creates or as a cover-up when breast feeding and are available for men and children too.

In Chinese medicine, the kidneys are the holder of the ancestral energy or essence. My PAPA colleague, acupuncturist Mary Hurley tells me that nourishing and warming the kidneys can be a great help in maintaining our well being, especially during pregnancy. The warmth nourishes your core and pelvic floor too, which is especially valuable as most of us spend so much time sitting. The improved circulation that comes with the warmth also helps with digestive and hormonal issues.

I’m keeping mine on because it just feels so good!

The kind people at Nuku Nuku are offering a discount at their Etsy shop if you use the code KateC, so do pop down and get one for yourself.

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