Four Seasons in one day


Can seasonal awareness help us to thrive in corona time?

Online workshop with Jane Dancey and Kate Codrington

Friday 8th May 12pm – 1.30pm

£15 or by donation

Would you like to find a way to utilise inner-seasonal awareness to support you in lockdown? 

The stress of the current situation is really starting to show. With anxiety running high and all kinds of challenging symptoms showing up in relationships and in ourselves, we need all the awareness and presence we can possibly get! If you are interested in cycle awareness you already have the tools.

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When the seasons are not predictable

It’s particularly tough when there’s no nice, neat seasonal pattern to lean into. It might be lockdown fatigue or it might be menopause or both.  We’re offering the possibility of using your seasonal awareness as a practice to feel into your needs beyond the menstrual map and use it for every moment in the day


Where’s my inner summer gone??

It’s easy for us to use the archetypal cycle as a stick to beat ourselves with when it varies from a predictable pattern, but just naming the season we feel ourselves in, as it changes moment-to-moment and tending to it, is an incredibly powerful practice. It encourages adaptability during times of great change and within species, those that can adapt will survive.

What you’ll receive

An embodied sense of what different seasons feel like so you can identify them in yourself and your loved ones, bringing more compassion and acceptance to your lockdown.

Messy menopause

Even in menopause, the expected autumn, winter and spring feelings are endlessly various and changeable. Like a side step shuffle-shuffle, not being attached to the order in which one thinks the seasons ought to go in, is a great tool.


What we’re offering

Instead of telling you how to predict what’s going to happen in your life, we’re giving you a safe space to explore how you can trust your experience of yourself and respond kindly, using the seasons as reference points. This can bring empathy and compassion, for ourselves first and then our housemates. If this allows us to be a bit kinder to ourselves and to let ourselves off the hook no doubt we will then extend it to those closest to us.

What happens

We’ll meet on Zoom and use an integration of a Medicine Circle and Embodied Yoga Principles to get a felt sense of each season and how this might play out in your daily life, irrespective of your cycle or its absence. There will be time to share your experience and decide how to ground it in your everyday life.

What you need

You’ll need access to Zoom on your computer or device, a notebook and pen and a willingness to explore. You don’t need previous experience of Embodied Yoga Principles or Medicine Circles and the movement doesn’t require any particular physical strength or flexibility. We encourage you to access your self-compassion and authority to only what feels good.

Who is this for?

People who already have some cycle awareness and want to deepen their practice and use it to survive and thrive in lockdown.


The cost is £15 but if you are unable to afford this you can pay by donation here. Please pay the full price if you can, knowing that you will be enabling other people to come who wouldn’t otherwise be able to.

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Come and have lunch with Jane and Kate for a dose of real-life seasonal magic

Who are we?

Jane is an Embodied Wellbeing coach, international yoga teacher and rites of passage facilitator. She has over 10 years of experience facilitating women of all ages, from puberty to beyond menopause. She is within her perimenopausal journey and fascinated by the constant new experiences along this well-trodden path. She loves cycle awareness and how it can empower women of all ages and at all stages of life, men too!

Kate is a menstrual and menopause mentor, retreat facilitator at Woman Kind and has been a therapist for more than a quarter of a century. She writes on menopause and women’s health for well-known well-being publications and blogs. She’s in second spring, which means post-menopause and has deep gratitude for the education that the menopause process has gifted her. Her mission is to change the way we regard menopause and show women how to relax into their own, inner authority through their cyclical nature and menopause process.

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We hope to see you there!