How to get more oxytocin

You probably know about Oxytocin and birth, but do you know how crucial is it for the rest of us? Taking a ride I was on the tube the other day watching an English sheepdog enjoying the ride. There was a sudden bang and the dog became anxious, the lady sitting next to the dog stroked it's head to reassure it, the dog calmed down. The lady began to smile, stroked some more, then the whole carriage started to smile, soften and breath a little deeper. That is the oxytocin effect. Cortisol addiction We seem to be addicted to cortisol in our lives; forward motion, ...

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What is Biodynamic Massage?

People are always asking me, "What makes Biodynamic Massage different?" "What is Biodynamic massage?" When I tell people about my massage work people always ask why Biodynamic massage is so special,  Clover Southwell’s description may help to show the difficulty I have in explaining what I do: “Biodynamic therapy is about the dialogue between the conscious and the unconscious, the voluntary and the involuntary” One way of having a dialogue between two different systems is to listen well; to the client’s words, her unspoken conversation (breath, colouring, ...

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Ultimate relaxation

Paying good attention to my internal world is something I could always do more of so I will be getting some relaxation this afternoon with my stethoscope. Sounds unconventional? Well let me explain; the unique contribution that Gerda Boyesen made to the world was to develop the theory of  psycho-peristalsis. Our bodies digest not only food, but also emotional nourishment. As we take in the external world there is a process of internal sorting; does this help me? Can I spit it out? Does it stick in my throat? Do I have to just swallow it down?  Can I let it go? Our ...

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