Easy exercises

Being and Stillness

I have just booked another ‘Being and Stillness’ yoga workshop lead by my friend and PAPA colleague Claire Murphy. I find that the benefits of this work stay with me. Autumn and winter is the natural time for withdrawing inward and the meditative pace of Claire’s yoga workshops make me notice how little time I spend being still, I don’t think it is just me, our lives, especially as women, are increasingly defined by how busy we are; a ticked off to-do list and multitasking is the order of the day. In our society the yang/busy-ness is approaching pathological ...

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Tense shoulders? Twist!

Nearly everyone is familiar with the sensation of  a tight neck and tense shoulders,  especially now most of us spend so much time at a keyboard. It is one of the most common problems that clients bring when they come for a massage. Over the years I have become an expert at releasing that tension and massage is a brilliant tool smoothing out the lumps and bumps. Clients report feeling a load has been lifted from their shoulders but what happens when they get back into work with those everyday stresses? The trick is to take regular breaks to breathe and feel your ...

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