Build Your Core heat with a Haramaki!

I have been keeping warm this year with the help of a hara warmer donated by the nice people at Nuku Nuku. Known as a haramaki, this brilliant invention is a tube of jersey which encloses the body from navel to thigh and actually feels like an all day hug. It's a thin layer of clothing that you can wear under or over your clothes, and when I put it on I had that wonderful melting relaxation feeling you get when you're enfolded into someone's arms. Ahhh. Now, I am tall and chilly and often have a drafty gap between my jeans and t-shirt and this perfectly fits the bill ...

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Six tips for your digestion

I had a great massage from Leora Leboff last week, most of is focused on my belly. It has made me think about the ways we digest both food and emotions. In biodynamic work, we think of the gut managing digestion of our emotions as well as our food, sorting through what will nourish us and rejecting what does not.  Happy belly, happy heart Many people suffer from digestive issues that have an emotional root cause, this is thought to be because the gut has dense nervous system which receives information from the thoratic, lumbar and cranial nerves so can effectively can ...

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