Abdominal Massage


abdominal massage

Abdominal-Sacral and Fertility Massage are both variations on abdominal massage. It’s a powerful treatment used to manage digestive and hormonal conditions, it uses a variety of massage styles to address issues such as: –

Bringing the sacrum into alignment and gently allowing the digestive and reproductive organs to move back into place will improve the flow of blood, lymph and nerves so helping the hormones come back into balance. Careful intention and focus also support emotional healing that often accompanies recovery from troublesome symptoms. This ancient massage practice is needed more than ever today when we struggle to love our bellies and all that they contain.


Abdominal massage is with oil and happens between the bottom of your ribs and the top of your pubic bone, as well as the lower back and sacrum. I am very respectful of your boundaries and generally work over the sheet on your sacrum and in the glutes, so you can let go without fear of exposure.


The session may also include pulsing, guided visualisation, mindful meditative explorations and rebozo techniques as appropriate.

I integrate Abdominal massage into Intuitive Bodywork, alongside Biodynamic massage and Shiatsu.


How does abdominal massage work?

A massage to your belly aims to –

  • bring fresh blood to your womb and ovaries
  • promote hormonal balance
  • help your body to get rid of old tissue and stagnant blood
  • soften old scar tissue
  • reposition a tilted uterus
  • support efficient digestion
  • Help you re-connect with your femininity


Self-care massage

Self-help abdominal massage supports your well-being in a beautiful way. I teach my clients how to do this as part of their session, but if you would like to get an idea of how to do it you can access the video here and get written instructions for you to download to learn a mindful self-care massage to develop a loving attitude towards your belly.


Deep abdominal treatment is not recommended

  • For 3 days before or during a period
  • With a coil
  • After recent surgery
  • With any infection or raised temperature
  • When you are taking painkillers

But you can still safely receive energetic bodywork for the tummy and bodywork in other areas of the body to support your menstrual and fertility wellbeing.


Natural and Assisted Fertility

Abdominal massage is a powerful tool for women in both natural and assisted fertility journeys, helping to improve circulation to the womb, supporting lymph flow and softening ligaments in the lower belly to help the womb into a good position. Massage’s cortisol reducing effect is naturally going to help to balance your hormones and support other treatments you’re receiving. Work for the sacrum and glutes are beneficial for your sex life as the nerves and blood flow to the clitoris pass through this area. Releasing the diaphragm is also beneficial for fertility health as the arteries that supply the ovaries goes through there, better circulation = better quality eggs.


When to receive abdominal massage for fertility

If you are trying to conceive then it’s best to receive sessions in the follicular phase between the end of your period and ovulation.


You can also come for sessions after ovulation or implantation, but these will not include the womb area.


Personal Growth

Our abdomens house the creative and emotional centers. A place of high sensitivity, even the most subtle touch can create space for change.


  • In the breath, allowing vitality
  • In the digestion, processing emotional nourishment as well as food
  • In the womb and reproductive organs, focusing on our creativity, fertility and sense of being a woman


It’s also an area where we hold rage, so softening can release patterns that hold you back from what you want


I had seen beautiful shifts in consciousness from receiving and giving abdominal touch, it is a brilliant tool for personal growth.


Perimenopause and Menopause

Menopause is a challenging time in your life, your primary task is to listen to your body, to hear what she needs and to give yourself space for healing. Massage for the abdomen at this time invites melting of energetic blocks that keep us from being our best selves, bringing with it the possibility of self-acceptance even as we change (sometimes 4 times before breakfast!).


As your womb and ovaries start to shift in this amazing adventure, they need loving attention and care to help you navigate your way into second spring. It can be really scary time too so reducing cortisol, supporting an easy breath, opening the creative and power energy centres of the body is a blooming gift in a world that does not yet love an ageing body.



The postnatal period is another time of great change after the energetic explosion of birth. After a year or so of being queen, suddenly you’re bottom of the heap, eating cold food and struggling to get basic care. Any time spent resting and nourishing ourselves postnatally supports reproductive wellbeing in the future, but abdominal massage at this time particularly benefits digestive, emotional and menstrual health. Parallel to the process of drawing the belly back into alignment, allowing the organs to settle and encouraging the abdominals back into place we start the long journey back to ourselves, newly-formed as mothers.


Rebozo wrapping, derived from closing the bones ceremonies, can celebrate the achievement of the birth and signify the start of the adventure of motherhood. It gives a profound feeling of containment and being held by the wider community of women.

The babies are welcome to come too if there’s no babysitter around.


Digestive health

The respectful touch of abdominal massage invites self-kindness and self-love and brings us into an intimate relationship with our tummies. It’s really hard to hold onto negative beliefs while receiving this massage. With IBS-type symptoms being so closely bound with stress, you can see big changes to digestion with massage especially if you practice the self-care massage every day.


Improving the circulation, tissue tone, lymph flow and nerves of the digestive organs helps them to improve their function and reduce cramping.


The emotional element to digestive issues is also important, the way we experience taking in food and love as a child is nearly always played out as an adult. It’s not always necessary to bring these issues into awareness and work consciously with them, the energetic process of unwinding in the tissues and the peristalsis can undo these patterns but some clients like to put the pieces of the puzzle together as they reclaim their bellies for themselves.


Menstrual Issues

Pain with periods is neither normal nor healthy, it’s a sign that something is needing to change. Our wombs double in weight when we have our period so any tightness in the tissues or scar tissue can contribute to the womb being in a less than ideal position, which can also make it hard for her to empty of blood each month. Dark blood at the beginning or end of a period can also be an indication that the womb may not be in a great position.


Massage to soften and unwind holding in the belly as well as work to align the hips and address postural issues addresses tightness that may be keeping your womb from her best position.


Where does abdominal massage come from?

Many traditional cultures use abdominal massage for fertility, postnatal, menopause and women’s health. Both Fertility Massage and Abdominal-Sacral Massage trainings are the descendants of Rosita Arvigo’s Maya Abdominal Massage. Here’s my family tree!