Abdominal Massage Training

Learn dynamic massage techniques to release physical and emotional issues in the belly.


Belly buttonMy teacher, the wonderful Helen Rohlicek, is offering another chance to attend an abdominal massage training in London next month. The work has great results on all kinds of digestive and hormonal issues and can be integrated into your own work or used as a stand alone treatment. I learned abdominal massage from Helen last year and it has transformed my massage work and my digestion too!

The three day course covers:-

  1. Digestion A&P. How to locate the ileo-caecal valve and massage the small/large intestines to aid digestion and improve elimination.
  2. Learn the importance of the nerves which feed the pelvis and how to massage the sacrum releasing tension to the pelvic nerve plexus.
  3. How to powerfully integrate deep tissue, visceral and acupressure techniques to reposition/release restricted tissue around the organs of the abdomen using deep fascial stretches, this in turn helps the organs to reposition, aid circulation and release past emotional trauma.
  4. And most importantly how to love your belly!

Saturday 1st February, Sunday 2nd February and Sunday 9th February 10am-3.30pm

Cost £350

Venue Diorama Arts Studio, London NW1

To find out more contact Helen at Emotionalrepair@aol.com or go to her website

If you know someone who would like the training, please share the information with them using the buttons below.

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