My dearest wish is to see more clients with a load less faff and today I’m sharing the bestest thing in my working life. It cuts out a ton of emails and chasing my tail AND improves the experience for my clients too.




I used to spend ages going backwards and forwards with potential clients by email, trying to find appointment times that worked. It just wasted so much time and what’s more, it became clear that the clients with the most email traffic, were not my ideal (i.e. ambivalent).


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acuity booking schedule


How Acuity scheduling cut out faff


Clients pay upfront, so they are definitely committed to their healing before they come.

It syncs with my Google calendar so the kids’ appointments and my nap times and blocked out and therefore non-negotiable, hooray!

It finally and definitively gave me solid boundaries for my working times, and days; no more “I’ll squeeze you in on my day off, sure I don’t mind” nonsense.

It integrates with practically everything; PayPal, Stripe etc. for secure payment, the big email providers can automatically capture your clients contact details, and accounting services like Xero and Quickbooks.

It’s simple for client and therapists to re-schedule appointments

It works for classes and groups too, even regular bookings.

I can set automatic appointment reminders by text or email; even I forget to remind clients sometimes!

I can set up questionnaires for clients to fill in before they book, which is great for understanding how got referred to my site and will be handy for exercise classes and filtering in all kinds of other ways like asking:

  • What keywords did you use to find me?
  • Who referred you to me, so I can thank them?
  • Have you had a massage before? etc.

For teams working together, you can keep confidential notes online too. And of course, the information is 100% private.

If you work with clients in different time zones, Acuity auto-adjusts the time, to save you a headache – was she 2hrs in front or behind??

It manages all my packages and vouchers too, with codes that are easy for clients to use online.

You can see how it looks on my massage site.


But isn’t it soulless?

I was really concerned that using an automated scheduler for a highly relational service like mine, would be kind of soulless, but in fact this was not the case. Here’s why;I can set a different confirmation and reminder for each appointment type, making sure it is consistent with different client groups.

  • I can set a different confirmation and reminder for each appointment type, making sure it is consistent with different client groups.
  • The scheduling page is customisable too so I can add my brand colours and images there.
  • I can add topical information to the scheduling page, like:
    • Holiday dates
    • Price increases
    • Opening hours


And of course my T & C’s


It’s not soulless as a user either, the online help service and videos are great and when I’ve got really stuck, they’ve emailed back with a solution me within a few hours.

Want a user experience? Well you could always take up 30-mins discovery call with me, to see how mentoring might help you! Clever Acuity make it possible for all appointments to be embedded as a link like this one; SO smart.

OK. Enough geeking out now. There is a free version, but if you want life to be super easy you’ll want the ‘Emerging Entrepreneur’ version, which when I last paid, was around £88 for a year, though that will vary with the U.S.$ exchange rate.


P.S. I liked it so much…

I love Acuity so much that for the first time ever, I have become an affiliate. That means that if you use one of the links in this article to buy yourself some easy, professional bookings, I’ll earn some money. I’d never felt comfortable with becoming an affiliate before, but in this case, I feel so warmly towards the product, it feels good because I’m pretty sure that if you try it out, it will make your life easier too.