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Is-this-you-You need more clients; sometimes it can feel like a major pain just reaching enough clients for the next month, let alone expanding your business to the bigger project your know would benefit so many people. You love your work, you know you’re great at it, but where are these people going to come from?

When this anxiety grabs you it’s easy to waste money on Facebook ads or joining another group, adding to your already over-full schedule; no wonder we tip into overwhelm!


But what if you had a do-able plan for promoting yourself that was fun and actually brought in clients you love to work with? Something that saved you time and money so you could relax and do more of what you love?


Totally get it

  • I took out Facebook ads to try and get clients (OUCH it still hurts!)
  • I shifted to offering  run-of-the-mill massage because I though specialising would reduce the number of enquiries
  • I bought into business courses that didn’t fit with therapy work
  • I did a little bit of thinking about who I wanted to work with


That’s why I created ‘ReachYour Ideal Client’, to solve these issues for you too!


Kate Codrington ooh!


reach your ideal client on screensIs an accessible workshop that …

  • Will show your clients that you are uniquely skillful
  • Make your work a joy because you’ll be working with clients you love
  • Save you time – you’ll develop a strategy to reach her
  • Save you money – no more sinking money into disappointing advertising
  • Save you energy – you’ll know her so well you won’t have to figure out what to post all the time
  • Make your clients-to-be think “She’s talking to me!” when they see your website
  • Helps you develop a social media plan that actually works
  • Stops you getting overwhelmed by social media
  • Helps you make a fun strategy for networking in the real world
  • Eliminates any competition issues within your modality
  • Helps you think through your unique skills and way of being and what really floats YOUR boat
  • Lets you feel confident about sharing what you do without feeling cheesy
  • And feel totally relaxed about promoting yourself

Ready to look at the details?

Reach Your Ideal Client will help you to ...
  • Understand how your unique qualities and passions define your unique selling point.heart
  • Access your dream practice from your sub-conscious, your secret super power!
  • Identify your ideal clients based on real data that you already have.
  • Use Facebook research to find out where she hangs out on the world’s biggest social media platform.
  • Combine your data so that you totally get her, inside out.
  • Create a vision board to reflect her dreams and desires that will guide your imagery.
  • Optimise your website so she says ‘Wow, I want this!‘
  • Refine your social media masterplan.
  • Pinpoint the steps she’ll take to find you, from hearing about your work through to booking in.
  • Put the essential promotional tasks in your diary so you have your own, workable structure.
  • Find fun ways to tell people about what you do in the real world.
  • Get regular support from me and other friendly therapists to help you keep going with consistency!

My Story…

I’ve been practicing for more than 20 years, but for most of that time I felt like a fraud. It was as though my practice was more of a hobby than an actual business; I just didn’t have enough clients coming in and I felt desperate! No surprise that promoting myself was excruciating! I couldn’t describe what I did or why I was so passionate about it without feeling cheesy or fake. I started to use ideal client modeling, and had half-heartedly sketched out a profile. Needless to say, it didn’t make much difference to who came through my door.

Kate Codrington at desk
It wasn’t until I hit a real block that I returned to my ideal client and really got to know her. I found that the more I understood her and my own gifts and qualities, the easier my marketing became. Blogs flowed, social media took less time, clients flowed. I could finally relax in my work, things got SO much easier. This was when clients really started to flow to my door and I realised I would have to get some serious boundaries in place and reassess how much work I wanted to do. (Waiting lists are powerful things!)

What they say…

Claire Murphy - Women's Health Yoga Teacher

Interestingly whilst my business has zoomed off into the stratosphere (though that isn’t somewhere I’ve envisaged it anyway), I’ve found I’m feeling more confident, despite years of experience. The inner dialogue has been clarified from the client feedback exercise (and the personal friend ones too).”

Rachel Weber - Birth Story Listening

“After the Reach Your Ideal Client workshop I suddenly had more ideal clients booking in. Cool!

I think it was about getting specific and putting in the order to the universe. Very effective.

It also made me appreciate my own unique skills: I could put them across so clients were happier and re-booked. Rather than trying to offer what I thought I should be, I started offering what I was good at. Bingo!”

Rachel Eyre - The Healthy Womb

“I really enjoyed going through the content of this course and found it so useful in many ways.  I had already done a number of exercises on my ideal client and various different takes on the ideal client avatar.

However the material that Kate provides delves in so much deeper and in a way that gives you the space to really connect on a gut level as to who your ideal client is.  I found the exercises really brought everything to life and despite having done similar activities in the past, it helped to clarify a few things to me that I wasn’t even aware of on a conscious level.

I felt that this course was content rich, gave me time and space as well as the resources to fully explore what is an essential part of your business, even though I had covered the subject matter before.”

Natelie Henriques - Doula & Pregnancy Massage Therapist

“My pricing has improved and the clients I am attracting are more my ideal clients. Feeling OK with not wanting to work with certain clients, and starting to create space so I can do more quality work rather then being busy and spreading myself to thin.”

Valerie Schraauwers

“Defining my ideal client actually made clients show up in my life. I became more focused and confident about my work and who I want to be as a therapist. Confident that I have something unique to offer and also acknowledging how clients see me, that they are happy with my service and got a lot of positive changes in their life thanks to the work they did with me.”

Sam Bounds - Doula

“I am really pleased that I took the course, it has helped me as a doula and therapist to understand what I want my role to be with clients and in turn allow me to see the kind of person that I can be a benefit to most. I’ve been able to look at my website and Facebook pages and reach out to those who are my ideal clients.”


Click on the questions to find your answers!

What if I have already done an ideal client profile?

This course goes way deeper and will embed your understanding of her in your guts, so that you don’t really have to think so hard about it any more. It uses all sorts of different ways of going deep into her; meditation, vision boards, hard data, your testimonials and client notes, research on Facebook: there’s something for everyone!


I don't want to invest in another course I can't complete

This workshop is not another formula imposed by someone else, it’s all about you choosing how you work from the inside out. Once you’ve got deep into why and how you do your work, you’ll map out a structure of when and how often to post on social media and what kind of networking to do, THAT FITS INTO YOUR LIFE!

There’s also a regular, live Q and A on Facebook for inspiration, answers and accountability to help you follow through.

My clients aren't on facebook anyway
Reach Your Ideal Client will show you how to talk confidently to your clients-to-be about what you do, without feeling cheesy or fake. You’ll also create a plan for real world networking that is not only fun for you, but will also bring your services to the attention of your ideal client. There are loads of real-world ideas for inspire you! It will also help you hone to website to be absolutely irresistible to your ideal clients.
I haven't got a website, is this course for me?
If you haven’t yet made your website, will make writing your website really effective for building your practice. Doing this workshop before you write the content for your site is going to save you SO much time; better to have this information now than to have tore-write your site in six months time.
Won't this mean I have to spend more time on a computer?
It’s an online course, I’m not going to lie about that! But once you’ve watched the videos, much of it can be done on paper, and lots of it involves felt tips too. Once you’ve done your research and planned out a structure for yourself, you can spend less time on your computer because you’ll be doing things in a relaxed way that brings in more clients.
I've got no time
The 10 sections have short videos that explain each task, so it’s easy to fit them into your working life. I mean how much time have you spend scrolling through fb today? 10 mins? 40 mins? If you’re used that time to hone your ideal client, you could be earring more money next month and feeling more relaxed too.
I can find out how to outline my ideal client for free!
I totally get that when your struggling to build a practice, £47 can seem a lot and the information is all out there on the Internet, it’s true. But reach Your ideal Client will help you devise a structure for your promotional activities that works for you in your real life, with all the kinds and family and the other amazing stuff you do. You haven’t had time to figure that stuff out for yourself because you’ve got loads on. There is also the support of other friendly therapists and I am available to Q and A’s and helping out too.
I hate computers!
Yes it’s an online course, but because the aim of the workshop is for you to devise a plan that works for you and your clients, if you hate computers, you can figure out a plan that minimises the time you spend on yours!
Can it help me get engagement on Facebook?
Social media can be totally frustrating, especially when no one seems to even notice your posts. Understanding your ideal clients’ problems from the inside will make it easy for you to write posts that engage your likers. But do you know what role your social media plays in promoting yourself? In Reach Your Ideal Client I help you to plot your clients’ pathway from how they hear about you to booking in. And IF that path includes social media, then understanding what your profile is for, will show you exactly what you should be posting.
I hate excel
I have covered all preferences for recording information, so you can mind map with felt pens, tick off a list, or write down your findings in any way that’s meaningful for you. It has to be easy!
I hate visualisations
In Reach Your ideal Client I have lots of different ways to access information about your ideal client, there are vision boards, Pinterest, collecting hard data, on social media. I encourage you to pick and choose the avenues that work for you. If you’re don’t like doing visualisations, don’t do them!
Why have you restricted the enrolment period?
One of the reasons that I’ve bought courses in the past that I’ve not really benefitted from is that there hasn’t been enough ongoing support. By starting all together with the Lush package you’ll have a friendly community of therapists all working in the same direction and supporting each other along the way. It also provides excellent opportunities for networking! As well as regular live Q and A sessions, I’m in the Reach Your Ideal Client Facebook group to offer encouragement and feedback so you can really get relaxed around your promotion.
How long do I get access to the course for?
You’ll have access to Reach Your Ideal Client for as long as it is online (which will be a long time, I have no plans to remove it!) including all the updates and revisions. You really can take it at your own pace and return to check out all the fab resources when you need them.
Do you offer discounts?
I’ve kept the cost of ‘Reach Your Ideal Client’ low, because I totally get how hard it is being a therapist!  The early bird will give you 10% off and is available till midnight Sunday 7th May. If you are a Healerzone member, email me the link to your profile and I will get back to you with your discount. There is also an affiliate scheme that you can apply for.
What about the other workshops?
The shorter workshops; ‘Sky Rocket Your Blog’, ‘How to get Found By Your Clients Online’ and ‘Feel Your Success’ are available year-round. ‘Reach Your Ideal Client’ and ‘How To Blog To Attract More Clients’ are only open for enrollment for a short period of time.

The next enrolment will be spring 2018

If you’re looking to boost your business and attract more clients, check out these short workshops.