Turning your passion into a business is an amazing journey. As a therapist you are doing amazing work to heal and support your clients with your knowledge, empathy and skills.

But running a business can often feel overwhelming with social media and website tasks taking you away from what you love to do. And if your perfect clients aren’t flowing in, you may wondering if it’s worth it and even feel like giving up.


This is where I come in!


Having mentoring for your professional life can benefit you both professionally and personally. After more than 20 years experience of working as a massage therapist, leading the PAPA birth network and supporting therapists with their on-line marketing and websites at fruit nation, I am delighted to be of service to the community by offering mentoring for therapists.



What I can help you with

You may find yourself wanting a busier practice, or feeling confused and overwhelmed by the online world. With mentoring from me you can –

  • Set realistic goals
  • Find out how to make changes while respecting your natural cycles
  • Define your area of special interest
  • Reach your perfect client
  • Find your authentic voice
  • Find authentic and effective ways of making your practice visible
  • Ask for the right price for your work
  • Use your natural cycles to organize your tasks
  • Make sure you have enough down time and fun!

We all benefit from clarity and insight on our businesses. I provide regular accountability to keep you on track and taking the steps you need to, to get where you want to be.



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 What a session involves

My intention is to provide a safe, empowering space for you to explore what it is you need to do, to help you to develop nourishment in your life so you can serve your clients well. This may include space

  • For reflection
  • To re-connect with your passion
  • Think through practical solutions
  • Develop self-belief and self-kindness
  • To think through your priorities
  • Work out what is right for you, in your business and your life right now!

This will enable you to maintain a thriving practice that nourishes both you and your clients.

All through my career I have benefitted from the support and guidance of senior therapists and I continue to have mentoring and supervision that helps me to reflect on and deepen my work. You can find out more about my supervision here.


Sessions take place either at my therapy room in Watford or via Skype/Facetime. Regular, scheduled sessions provide accountability and a sense of safety, but some people prefer a one-off appointment.

  • For stand-alone sessions the cost £60 for an hour.
  • For 4 x 60-minute sessions the cost is £220

Please get in touch for a free chat to work out if I can help and what sort of structure would best support you.

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