Love your belly!

Biodynamic StethoscopeBiodynamic massage therapy is one place where the rumbling of your tummy is really precious. We love it!

Our bellies have so much to tell us:
•    Butterflies in our stomachs speak of anxiety before a performance
•    Explosive sounds can be an imminent release!
•    That sinking feeling feels like dread
•    Fullness can feel like satisfaction

It’s a language that’s so integral to our sense of ourselves that it’s practically un-noticeable.



In our language too there’s lots of tummy related phrases too –
•    Trust your gut reactions
•    I couldn’t stomach it
•    It made me sick …
Listening to these messages from our tummies is a great way to manage stress.

In Biodynamic work we think of the physical digestive system as also energetically digesting the stress as it is released from the body, as well as extracting nourishment from our food. By listening to the peristalsis the Biodynamic massage gently releases the held energy to be digested, so that in time the body re-learns how to regulate stress itself in a healthy way. This is what it sounds like.

Using an electronic stethoscope to listen to the sounds makes the release audible to both the client and therapist. There’s a fantastic range of noises from crackling leaves all the way to bubbling streams which surround us like an internal symphony. It’s rare for these involuntary/unconscious energetic processes to be so present for us and the effect is of a musical dialogue or poem between tissue, energy and peristalsis and also between client and therapist.

Here’s how the psycho-peristalsis is used therapeutically.

The benefits of this work are amazing, one client said after just 20 minutes that she felt she’d been on a beach all day. It’s not so much that the tension is released from the body, more that the body is remembering its own rhythm.

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