Sometimes getting clear about your ideal client profile is a bit magic. Once you get clear and start to send your request out into the universe, things start to happen. But often not in the way you expect.


A quick update on my massage business.

I’ve had a quiet period in my massage practice last winter, in November I was exhausted and declared that it was time for hibernation and the universe listened. I’d had an intense autumn and it was time to slow down, tend to my self-care and my family and re-group my energy.


  • This quiet time also gave me time to re-examine my ideal client profiles.
  • I reflected on what I was really enjoying and what was not flowing so well.
  • I dreamed about what my perfect working day might look like.
  • Researched more into their problems.
  • I looked at the language my clients were using.
  • Played with creating statements that described who they were and what they’d gain from their sessions.


My ideal clients

When I felt like I was ready to get back into 1-2-1 work I sent an email to my client list explaining I had spaces and listed the different clients I worked with:


Women feeling trapped by their fertility issues who want natural solutions to support their conception and take back control over their bodies, so they can reduce the stress around conception and find more joy in their lives, whether they eventually end up having a child or not.

Women 35-55 who are trying to heal trauma from their past that is holding them back, and are sick of over-thinking their problems and need a safe space to relax deeply into the wisdom of their bodies, so they can get clear on their next steps and move forward in their lives feeling calmer and more confident and that they are totally enough, just as they are!

First-time mums-to-be who are worried about having too much intervention in their births (Google their symptoms all the time) and are looking for safe, natural ways to connect with their baby, get relaxed around birth and feel great in their bodies.

Women 45+ who have menopause symptoms and are wondering if they’re going nuts and how long this weird stuff is going to go on for. They can see through the brain fog, get clear on their next steps and ways of getting more kindness and self-care into their lives.


And yes, that is four different ideal clients I’m describing there.


What happened next

This is the magic bit. There were only a few direct responses from that email, but the following week my phone started to ring again and new clients flowed in. This is why it worked.

  • Finding me through Google searches
  • Personal recommendations
  • Social media posts

The law of attraction is definitely at work here; getting clear about what I wanted and sending it out into the universe lets the energy flow in.


If you’d like some help to get clearer on who you’d like to work with, you can join me for the re-launch of ‘Reach Your Ideal Client’, the early bird price is available until midnight on Sunday 7th May.