Imagine having enough clients without the stressful slog of promotion and anxiety about next month’s bills. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to promote yourself authentically and have the right kind of clients just flow in?


What if promoting yourself could be as empathic and authentic as you are in your practice?

  • No cheesiness
  • No neediness
  • No schmaltz or false expectations

What if even telling people about your work and asking for a referral was stress-free?



It’s not your fault

Though it’s been a while since you trained in your therapy, you know that your passion to serve people and heal is still burning bright. You may feel downhearted because there are never quite enough clients, but it’s just that your training showed how to heal and improve people’s lives but not how to run a business; sometimes it can be hard to just describe what it is you do!


It’s easy to blame yourself for a lack of progress but what if you were perfect exactly as you are, but just haven’t yet discovered the right way for you to share your work with the world?


I confess, I am a total therapy nerd. I love trying new therapies and want to know who people trained with and how the modalities differ, but I have to say I’m not the average client and there aren’t that many people as nerdy as me. So given there aren’t many people like me around, why do we endlessly describe our therapies on our websites when most clients aren’t interested (at the beginning of the process anyway) and just want something to make their pain to go away?


The average client is not interested in how your therapy works, all they want to know is if it can it fix their problem. So as a good therapist with excellent listening skills,

  • Listen and note down to your clients’ problem in their words
  • Empathise with them
  • Tell them how they are going to feel/what they can do after their treatment/class/workshop.
  • That’s it!



It’s not about you, it’s about them

To create empathic marketing, you just need to answer 5 questions

  • Who is my ideal client
  • What are their top 3 problems
  • What can they do/feel/have after I have worked with them.

This is your marketing plan. You’ll notice that to use this way of marketing, you have to get out of your own way and tell your clients about them, not about you. In fact, I would probably not even mention what your modality is until way further down the line. People will have all sorts of beliefs about your modality, many of them negative, so you don’t even need to mention it at all. Try describing the results you have and leaving out your modality when you describe what you do, and see how people respond.



Free template

To make it all super-easy I have created a template for you to use this information to get more of your ideal clients next month. Once you have answered your five questions as specifically as possible, you can use the scripts to –

  • Tell people you have free spaces and ask for referrals without cringing.
  • Make posts for the Facebook groups where your ideal clients hang out.
  • Tweak your website to make your clients feel “Oh, she’s talking to me” when they see it.
  • Create copy to promote your event or workshop and get attendees.
  • Write a blog post that speaks directly to your ideal clients.

I’ve given you a formula that you can paste into these situations that totally take the stress out of your promotion.


There are loads of examples too, so you can see how it all works for health professionals working with different groups. It’s simple, empathic promotion for heart-centred therapists. No need to go back to the day job after all; you can make a difference to peoples’ lives and make a living.