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Write a blog article today (or tomorrow, even if you have no time)


Monday 11th – Thursday 14th September

Venue – on your phone or computer


Though you’ve been building your practice for a while, it can still a bit of a slog to get enough clients in to pay the bills.


You’ve spent ages working on your website and getting everything just right; beautiful images, descriptions of how your clients will benefit and so on. But are enough people actually looking at it? Or having found it, actually booking in?


There are hundreds of therapists in your area all trying to attract clients with similar issues, so what will make you stand out?


You can attract more clients by shining your own, authentic light out into the world, sharing your expertise and your heart. Your clients-to-be need to get to know, to like and to trust you before they book and creating articles for the blog on your website will create this bridge between someone hearing your name and actually booking you.


But I’ve got no time!


Yup. We all have the same 24 hours and there’s no doubt that creating original content for your site takes time.


Want to create a blog today? I can show you how!


In this free workshop for health professionals, I show you how you already have the information you need to write a powerful article that will:


  • Build your reputation
  • Share your expertise
  • Get you noticed by your clients-to-be
  • Get more eyes on your website
  • Improve your Google ranking
  • Keep website visitors moving around your site
  • Build trust, so people will book in sooner
  • Build your referral network
  • Share your passion
  • Heal more people




Let your clients-to-be get to know you for the shining light you are!


Even if you have no time.


  • I’ll show you ten different topics that you can adapt for your modality and special interests,
  • 10 Winning titles to capture attention
  • An easy format to get the article written
  • Great examples of real life articles
  • Actionable tips for making it work for you
  • Workshop notes to download


In fact, if you are really short of time you can just grab the workshop notes.

Plus special bonus

I wanted to keep the online workshop short and sweet, but there was SO much more I wanted to share with you, so I’m also sharing a four part series of actionable blogging tips that address the biggest block that prevent you from blogging to build your practice.



I’d love to see you there.


Go ahead; shine your light!