Fast Blog Cheatsheet

free blog template


I am so excited you’ve decided to download The fast Blog Cheatsheet, it is going to help you to get the word out about your amazing work. Websites with blogs create 55% more visitors than one without, so by creating regular posts you are already one step ahead at attracting more of your perfect clients.


Click here to download The Fast Blog Cheatsheet


A few tips for using it

  1. Creating your post in smaller chunks of time works best
  2. Eliminate distractions – turn off your phone and Facebook and make sure you won’t be disturbed
  3. Don’t research – this blog post will answer your clients questions and taps into the knowledge you already have.
  4. Using a timer is a great way to focus your attention; stick to it!


The benefits of using it

The blog you create will answer the questions commonly asked by your clients, so your finished article will –

  • Save you time answering them on the phone.
  • Give clear information for clients to help them choose.
  • Share your expertise.
  • Show your authenticity, so that they can feel if you’re on the same wavelength.
  • Show that you are a safe person to work with.
  • Bring them one step closer to booking.
  • Improve your SEO.
  • Give you great material to share on your social media.

Enjoy! ANd when you’ve written your post, don’t forget to post it on my Facebook page so I can share : )