How To Blog To Attract More Clients


Vanessa Barker, Postnatal Fitness


Laura Sandilands, Pregnancy Pilates Instructor and Birth Educator

“It was brilliant, perfect for blogging amateurs just like me. It really is such a rare combination….. to find a talented therapist combined with an online whizz. Someone who can completely relate to our needs. In one hour I honestly learnt more than I have in the past five years, trying to figure things out for myself. Definitely a tutorial you should all go for.”



Francesca Turner, Hill House Therapies

“Kate’s workshop on “How To Blog To Attract More Clients” was just what I needed to get me started on my blogging journey.  It was something that I had been considering for a while, but I’d been avoiding it as I didn’t know where or how to start.  Kate’s workshop gave me the answers, she made it seem so simple and provided me with ideas on blog posts.  Her planning sheet means that i have committed to when I am going to publish my first blog……no excuses now!  Thank you Kate”


Alison, Psychotherapist

“I can’t think of a way to improve it. Simple and effective without lots of computer jargon. Really got a lot from this workshop”



Mel Hampson, Mindfulness Teacher

“What did I find most helpful?

Midwifely‘ encouragement and kindness from Kate

Lots of resources and how to access them (especially the free ones)

Kate’s pragmatic approach

Very clear explanations of content and workbook is clear and instructional”




"Fantastic workshop - Jam packed with very useful information, presented in an uplifting and inspiring way. I feel excited about starting to put what I have learnt into action!" 



Reach Your Ideal Client

Sam Bounds - Doula

“I am really pleased that I took the course, it has helped me as a doula and therapist to understand what I want my role to be with clients and in turn allow me to see the kind of person that I can be a benefit to most. I’ve been able to look at my website and Facebook pages and reach out to those who are my ideal clients.”


Rachel Weber, Birth Story Listener and Healer

BTW after the find your ideal client workshop I suddenly had more ideal clients booking in. Cool!

I think it was about getting specific and putting in the order to the universe. Very effective!

It also made me appreciate my own unique skills; I could put them across so clients were happier and rebooked. Rather than trying to offer what I thought I should be, I started offering what I was good at. Bingo!”


Valerie Schraauwers - Body Awareness Therapist

“Defining my ideal client actually made clients show up in my life. I became more focused and confident about my work and who I want to be as a therapist. Confident that I have something unique to offer and also acknowledging how clients see me, that they are happy with my service and got a lot of positive changes in their life thanks to the work they did with me.”


Rachel Eyre - The Healthy Womb

“I really enjoyed going through the content of this course and found it so useful in many ways.  I had already done a number of exercises on my ideal client and various different takes on the ideal client avatar.

However the material that Kate provides delves in so much deeper and in a way that gives you the space to really connect on a gut level as to who your ideal client is.  I found the exercises really brought everything to life and despite having done similar activities in the past, it helped to clarify a few things to me that I wasn’t even aware of on a conscious level.

The accompanying work books were super helpful and I have to say, Kate’s approach and personality is very calming and soothing, so if you are stressing about your business, just listening to her voice is a great way of feeling more grounded with your business.

I felt that this course was content rich, gave me time and space as well as the resources to fully explore what is an essential part of your business, even though I had covered the subject matter before.

I have already started implanting some of this work into my business and it has helped me with planning future marketing materials.”


Lisa-Jane, Conscious Birth Doula

On ‘Find Your Ideal Client’

Other nice things


Hannah Maguire, Mindfulness Teacher

“I am writing to applaud your capacity to step in and do your magic to my website.

As an IT disaster, I thought I would have to spend a lot of money to get a website built that is accessible, easy to navigate and looks professional.  I had quotes from £800 to £2,000, then someone made the suggestion – ‘Build you own’ – I had the time, but not the skills.  

I had a word-press blog my daughter created for me to start with. Kate come highly recommended by a friend, and following our initial discussion, we agreed that I ‘do what my skills allowed me to do’ and Kate could add the finishing touches.

Within  a couple off hours she turned my “ordinary website into a classy, professional, flowing, user-friendly website” with its own flavicon(!) not only that, she offered so much advise and tips, made recommendations which have been so useful in making the website standout and brilliant.  I can’t thank her enough for the fantastic work she has done, and saved me a huge amount of money.

Thank you so much, really appreciate your input and help to make this website look the bee’s and ee’s :))”


Cheryl-lya Broadfoot - coach at Souls Compass

“In running a monthly meet-up group, speakers are (especially great ones) are vital to keep the ladies motivated and feel supported in their journies. Kate is a wonderful speaker, teacher and motivator! We couldn’t have asked for anything more. We were so thrilled with her extensive knowledge, great ideas and creative spark. Feeling held and allowing space to explore was lovely. We would definitely have Kate back again and again! Thank-you wonderful lady!”

Rowena Ronson - Holistic Physician

“Working with Kate has given us the absolute privilege of working with an evolved, trustworthy and exceptionally lovely human being. A lady who is enthusiastic, extremely organised, very knowledgeable and aware, endlessly helpful and joyfully grounded. You can feel the holistic healer that she is, shine through her work her inter-personal skills are a pleasure to behold and her natural teaching ability, an absolute asset for empowerment. What a pleasure to work alongside you and know you.”