What I do

Why me?

Kate CodringtonComplementary therapy business support can make the difference between your practice being a hobby or a successful business. Because I’ve been in this world for more than 25 years as both client and therapist, I have learnt the hard way what a blessing and a curse it is, to turn your passion into a business. Coming through three recessions as a self-employed therapist has been extremely challenging at times and girl have I had to process some shit along the way?!

I’ve been running heart-centred networking events and workshops at PAPA The Birth Network and building therapist-friendly websites. I’ve tried and tested so many tools over the years and can take you straight to the solutions that will bring you the results you need & deserve. All this experience means that I totally get the issues that you come up against in the world of complementary therapy and can help you save time, stress and money.

I talk your language and have felt your pain because I’ve made all the mistakes possible (so far). So now you don’t have to!

The workshops

I create online courses that reflect my experience of what works for busy therapists juggling clients, family and all the other delicious stuff that makes life so much fun. They are all designed to make your life simpler, less stressful and more profitable.

I would love it if the workshops…

  • Let you spend more time doing the things you love
  • Enabled you to be as authentic in your promotion as you are in your practice
  • Speak your truth clearly in the world
  • Have as many clients as suits you
  • Have prices that reflect the huge value of your work
  • Earn a good living from healing and supporting good health
  • Have your work nourish you, not drain you
  • Let you be the best possible person you can be
  • Reach the many people who need your help

Because the world desperately needs people like you!


Reach Your ideal Client

reach your ideal client on screensA step-by-step guide to defining your perfect client and how to reach her. An eleven lesson course with workbook, cheatsheets and Facebook support.

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How To Blog To Attract More Clients

how to bog on screenTurn your website into a client magnet. Eleven lesson course with workbook, Facebook support; all simply explained, no jargon, in do-able chunks.

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Sky Rocket Your Blog

Sky rocket on screens


Get inspiration for perfect blog posts in this one hour workshop with workbook and Facebook support.

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How To Get Found By Your Clients Online

How to improve your Google ranking for local searches. A short workshop for non-techies.local seo for therapists

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Be Your Values - Feel Your Success

be your values on screenDefine your core values to give meaning and purpose to your life. A one hour workshop,

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How To Create Video For Your Therapy Website

video on screenMake video to engage your clients-to-be. A 30-minute video with all the secrets.

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