I often steal from other therapists. No. It’s not what you think, no identity theft has occurred here. When I’m having a blogging dry spell, I look to how other therapists are blogging for inspiration to help me move on.


By the how, I mean identifying the qualities that I like about them, what medium they’re using and how they share their articles.


Here, in no particular order, are five brilliant blogging therapists to inspire you.


Vanessa Barker

Vanessa Barker


Who – postnatal PT and core restore classes in Hertfordshire

Business blogVB Fitness

What I love 

  • How-to exercise videos
  • Very clearly written and factual
  • The occasional blinder of a personal opinion piece


Tricia Murray

Tricia Murray


Who – Doula, Hypnobirther and parenting supporter in Edinburgh

Business blogTricia Murray

What I love 

  • Tricia’s passion sings through
  • Strong opinions, not afraid to say it like it is
  • Consistent imagery


Tamara Donn

tamara donn


Who – Women’s health EFT and Family Constellations therapist and trainer

Business blogTransformation for Women

What I love

  • Uses daily life as fuel for blogs and helping others
  • Short written pieces + brilliant tapping videos
  • Great use of Facebook for sharing the videos


Lara Briden

lara briden


Who – naturopath specialising in healthy hormones

Business blogLara Briden’s Healthy Hormone blog

What I love

  • Blog articles are on her homepage – answering clients’ Q’s
  • High-value articles – heaps of free information
  • Lots of links to other articles on each page


Birgitte Gorm Hansen

birgitte gorm hansen







Who – Danish Yoga teacher and trainer

Business blogDynamic Yoga

What I love

  • Achingly soulful writing
  • Tackles difficult conflicts
  • Unafraid of complex argument – doesn’t patronize


Interestingly, all of these therapists except one are using their own names in their URL. Clever! It gives them room to grow and change without having to start their SEO from scratch.



What these blogging therapists have in common?

They all show a combination of authenticity and passion in their work, which means that I’d work with any of them like a shot.


What inspires you?

I’d love to know, please share them in the comments or even better go to my Facebook page and share them there. It takes time to create this quality of work; let’s celebrate our blogging therapist heroines!



If you want more inspiration try ‘Sky Rocket your Blog’ or the full blogging monty to give you all the tips and trick to build your practice.