About Kate

Who am I?

kate-looking-down-I’m Kate and I’m run workshops and online courses for therapists. I also have a practice in Watford offering massage for women’s health.


I work with therapists who have a strong calling to heal and show them, step by step, how to grab the wonder web with both hands and give it a good shake so it knows who’s in charge. Grrrr!



I’ve got

  • No time for cheesy social media posts
  • Pushy or fake marketing
  • Or telling you what would work for you
  • But I do have a strong belief that business is process, just like relationships.



I believe

You cannot fill from an empty pot1Following your calling as a complementary therapist can be a tough path.


To maintain your career in complementary therapy without burning out you need A LOT of gentle nourishment for yourself – massage, personal growth and grounding. You cannot give to your clients if you are empty; who nurtures the nurturers?




It isn’t often acknowledged that you need A LOT of gentle nourishment for your business too. Wouldn’t your business enjoy a spa day all to itself? Safe spaces, that…

  • encourage self-kindness
  • are free of judgment
  • accepting of your unique process
  • give time for reflection
  • respect for your own cycles and timing
  • held in a community of like-minded people who can pool their knowledge and resources
  • use your innate wisdom to guide the process



My StoryYou and your business deserve lots of

As an introverted person, I used to find it hard to market my therapy practice and reach out to find new clients. I was riddled with imposter syndrome and deep inside I felt that my work just wasn’t good enough.


I tried really hard to emulate the people I admired and offer something like they did. Needless to say, offering something that was not authentic to my way of being was not a roaring success.


What turned the corner for me was finding safe places where I could reflect on my work and what I did well AS WELL as what I needed support with. It was from that place of feeling OK, with ALL my skills, faults and talents that the clients started to flow in.


It was much less tiring when I brought all of myself to my work, and I could just relax. What a relief for everyone!



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