What if you always had a steady flow of clients booking in with you?

What if you didn’t have to struggle to explain your therapy on the phone?

What if people just found your website and booked in, without even making a call?

Wouldn’t that be great?



In the world of complementary therapy, we all long to spend our time doing the work we love and helping people to be happier, healthier and to transform lives.


Of course we do.


When you signed up for your training, I bet you never imagined how hard it was or how much time you’d spend promoting your business.


Because that is what you have, a small business! There’s a load of other things you have to do too, outside your practice and getting more clients means you’re going to have to come out of your therapy room, in person and online, to tell people what you do. As therapists are naturally sensitive, so this can be painful for us.



Here are five things that you can do today to draw more clients into your practice, without pain.


1. Open your heart

Step 1 is to be available; to raise your vibration and be open to new clients coming. Use your knowledge to open your heart and raise your vibration and visualize your clients coming for sessions.


“To bring anything into your life, imagine that it’s already there”


Any negativity around your worth, smallness or value will impact your practice.


Step to Take

Take a moment of quiet every morning and breath into your heart. Bring to mind all the people you love and feel grateful for. Breathe into this wonderful feeling of love and let it spread out through your body. Let it heal any negativity around bringing more clients to you. Let the love spread out beyond your body and visualize your perfect practice, see how people contact you and come, glad to pay your fees and leave transformed.



2.Define who you work with

Trying to appeal to everyone gives a confused message for your clients and may even attract people you can’t or don’t want to help or who fall outside your area of interest. Defining your ideal client doesn’t mean that you’ll only work with one type of person, but more of the right kind of people; the kind that makes your heart sing with joy! The more you can get clear on who your ideal clients are, the more you can spot them when they get in touch and the more you can tweak your website so that you are speaking their language and they feel….


“Oh, she’s talking to me!”


Understanding more about them will show you what their problem are, how you are going to solve them and how they are going to feel afterward. When you write your next blog post, write it for her!


Step to Take

Complete the following statement. This is not something to put on your website but to hold your focus when you are creating content and promotional material.


“I work with ……. who are struggling with…… and feel that they………. My treatment will …………… so they feel………………..and have more ………. in their life.”



3. Clear Clutter

Most therapy websites are too cluttered, there’s just so much we want to say! But having more white space makes your site looks professional, easy to navigate and people will spend longer there if it’s easy to read.

Pay special attention to:

  • Space around the menu layout
  • Space between paragraphs making text easier to read
  • Space around images



Step to Take

Take a cool look at your homepage and see which elements do not fit with your ideal client and her problems and remove them. See how you can create more space so that your homepage says what you do without your client even having to scroll down.



4. Easy contact

Make it easy for your potential clients to get hold of you, it is so off-putting when you can’t find someone’s phone or email. As well as an easily found ‘contact me’ page, consider having your contact details on every page.


Step to Take

Make sure that your contact details are clearly flagged on each page, so that clients can easily ring, email or book with you. You can add this little pop-up box, which is free and works a treat.


-You don't attract what you want, you attract what you are-


5. Who are your biggest fans?

Your clients of course, who have had the benefit of your amazing treatments and know the value of your work. Building and nourishing your relationships with your clients is simple by email.


Step to Take

Write your clients an email offering something of value to them. For example, you could let them know about:

  • A discount offer
  • A discount when they refer a friend
  • Tips for their issues
  • Information that will help them



You will notice that none of these things is a hard sell. None of these things is pushy or inauthentic, but all of these things will take you closer to doing more of the work you love with the people who you can best serve.

If you want to get more clients through your website, you can download my free guide ‘7 Ways To Get More Clients Through Your Website’, it’s packed with actionable steps to make your website work for you!